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Mat production facility
our offices
Over the years we developed the technology to manufacture the widest variety of mats:
Recycled rubber
Scraper mats

promotional mats and blanks for sublimation

Washable mats of high twist nylon
Playgrownd mats

You can see the details in: http://www.dustcontrol.com.mx/tapetes.html or visiting in our page www.dustcontrol.com.mx the section TAPETES.

Because lack of space in 2001 we acquired an old industrial laundry to have in the same company the same products and services than the largest industrial laundries in the global market: door mats (or walk off mats) washing and rental, dust mops, uniforms and shop towels.

Delivery trucks
Uniforms washers and dryers

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Mats washers
Mats dryers
Shop towels washers

If we can help you some way or need information for exports please contact our general manager is:

Antonio Jacques Diharce    
Lago Wan N° 11 Col. Pensil Mexico DF 11320  MEXICO
ajacquesd@dustcontrol.com.mx Tel direct 011 5255 5091 4570 


Lago Wan No. 11, Col Pensil, C.P. 11430
México D.F., Conmutador 5091 4560 Tels 5399 9994 y 5399 1500 Fax. 5399 4189
E-mail. cotizaciones@dustcontrol.com.mx